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Ahmed Hidass

Page history last edited by Helmut Mueller 10 years, 10 months ago

Dr. Ahmed HIDASS

Academic Specialty :

Media Law, Freedom of Speech, Media Regulation.

International Relations.

Media and law of Intellectual Property.

Research Associations and Activities:

Moroccan Association of Studies in International Relations, Rabat, Member.

Research Group on the Press in the Maghreb, Paris, Tunis, Member(Two collective publications)

International Bibliography Association, Paris, Member, Ex-Vice Secretary General(Several publications)

Review Communication, Laval University, Canada, Member of the Publication Board,

Member of the Committe of Review

Moroccan Internet Society, Rabat, Member

Group of Political Studies on Contemporary North Africa, Laval University

Unversity of Rabat, Member(collective work in progress)


Contact details: 

Professor (Media Law, Media & Copyright, International Relations

Institution and address:

Institut Supérieur d'Information et Communication
University of Rabat
Avenue Allal El Fassi
B.P.: 6205
10100 Rabat


Telephone: (Mobile): + 212 72 91 95 92

Telephone: (Home): + 212 37 71 65 10

Email: ahidass@yahoo.com

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